Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Project

I'm always looking for new ways to add just a little more to every situation that I'm in, and with the encouragement of Kris, Kim, and a few co workers.. I have followed through with an idea that I think would only further enrich the lives of my residents, and their family members.

Being an personal expressions assistant for Carlton Plaza has added so much to my life, not only is it a great job, with of course it comes with its ups and downs ( What job doesn't?), but its another reason for me to explore my creativity.

Family members are constantly asking me for pictures that I have taken, from this event.. or that one.. oh and can I take some pictures of Dad doing balance fitness? or Mom doing Tuesday morning flower decorating...etc..etc...? Of course I would oblige..... but this got me to thinking, there had to be an easier way then me having to print out individual pictures for everyone. So I came up with this.... What if there was a blog that they could access through the Internet that would connect them with their parents/ loved ones that they themselves could share with other friends and family? Not only would they be able to get the pictures they wanted, but it would enable them to virtually witness how their parents/loved ones were flourishing in our community. Our words can only go so far... but pictures? pictures are far better proof that their loved ones are not only in good hands, but living what they love.
Please visit Carlton Plaza Captured and let me know what you think, this of course is a work in progress, and something that I havent yet taken to the Executive Director. I would like positive, negative, suggestive feedback from others in order to support my idea before I take it to the big guys.
Let me know!
EDIT: After bringing this to the Executive Director, she decided that she loved it and it is now being reviewed by our corporate offices! It feels great!

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