Monday, January 18, 2010

Corners of my home

My room on a rainy Monday afternoon.

I've always believed that a room says so much about a person. My room to me is a sanctuary, one where I spend some of my most precious leisurely time, escaping from a chaotic day, writing, indulging in some organic boob tube, blogging & apparently taking pictures. My room is my retreat, and I don’t know about you but I think a bedroom room says a lot about a person. My room has definitely come to be something of all mine, everything in it was chosen to my preference from the watch curtain holders to the half missing picture frames, it has Veronica written all over it. BUT I still have a lot new additions planned for my room,

· New paint on the walls, preferably like this

· A new desk (current one not pictured only because I desperately need a new one)

· New art work (of my own creation)

· New area rug

· a NEW TV. Preferably this one

· New balcony furniture!

Don’t get me wrong, although it would be very nice, I'm in no hurry to add all these new additions to my room. I take much pride in my room as it is, and who cares anyway..... as long as it relaxes me and its all mine its all good right? Right.

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