Tuesday, January 26, 2010

follow me


I officially have six followers!

But what really sucks is its not the TRUE amount of followers I have

( I still have love for the ones with blog accounts, don’t get me wrong).

But for some reason my friends and family who read this blog... DONT HAVE BLOGS *Gasp*!

This post is purely dedicated to getting my avid readers who don’t have blogs to get a blog and follow me....and then I'll follow you! and then... well I don’t know exactly where that will lead us but Im sure it will provide us with some great leisurely time.

Let me persuade you with the top three reasons to have a blog. (According to V)

1. Something that you will have forever to look back on

(password protected & a choice of keeping it private)

2. Keep family who isn’t so close, very close.

3. A chance to record the most precious moments in your life through pictures & words for everyone to enjoy....

I should sell used cars shouldn't I?

Just get one & officially follow me. You'll thank me later believe me....

btw. I like gift cards, shoes, anything from bed bath & beyond & jamba juice.

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