Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hi my name is Betty Crocker

So a few nights ago I decided to cook dinner for the Men I love most in my life, because what says I love you more then a delicious dinner and a cold beer?  I started out with asking my most reliable advice giver Mr. Google, with what I could make that would satisfy my craving of fresh vegetables, fresh shrimp, pasta and a creamy sauce.  What did I get? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Can you belive it? I couldnt find anything ANYWHERE... and I let everyone know too, including my check out clerk at safeway. So applaud and unsatisfied  I decided to make up my own recipe.... and you know what, might as well give me my own cook book deal, because it turned out "AMAZING, YUMMY, DELICIOUS,INCREDIABLE"... well at least thats what the guys told me.

So I'll call it ....... VCSP.  Vegetable Cream Shrimp Pasta aka. Everything I was craving.

What you will need :

Campanelle Pasta: The most imcredible pasta you will ever taste, believe me these little noodles shaped like flowers will make love with your taste buds.

Oilve Oil - I used the kind my Dad gets from Napa which according to him is "THE BEST OLIVE OIL IN THE ENTIRE WORLD"

At least 25 fresh or frozen cooked shrimp (depends on how many your cooking for) Clean and take tails and veins out of all.

2 fresh tomatoes

Monterey Mushrooms, or large mushrooms, clean before cooking

2 regular cans of cream of mushroom

1 stock of baby asparagus

Garlic Powder, Salt, Pepper

  • Start by cutting the tops of the asparagus at 1 inch, or to your preference.

  • Boil in water on low until soft ( Im no chef, so I do taste tests every five or six minutes)

In a separate non stick pan, take two table spoons of olive oil, a few pinches of garlic salt and pepper, and sautee' your shrimp.  Lesson learned on cooking with Emerald, with Shrimp when it is the shape of an O it means over cooked, but the shape of a C means cooked..... thank you Emerald. BA BAM!

  • This is when I start to boil the water for the noodles, I let the noodles boil for about six minutes ( againe I tasted as needed)

After shrimp have sauted to their fullest, aka turned into C's, put them in a bowl covered with a plate to keep them warm.  In the same pan, add cleaned mushrooms.  Add olive oil, garlic salt, pepper and salt as needed.

  • Again, same pan, add sliced tomatoes, minus the seed insides.

  • Now this is where I would be fired if this were a professional cooking blog or book, I didnt take pictures of the next steps so pay close attention.....

  • Open both cans of mushroom soup and heat on low until it begins to simmer

  • Pour drained noodles into large serving bowl

  • Pour cream of mushroom soup over noodles

  • add shrimp, tomatoes, mushrooms, and asparagus

Mix until blended.

Serve to those who mean the to most to you, along with french bread and a fresh salad.


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