Monday, February 22, 2010

Corners of my home


As I've said before, I personally love it when bloggers or even anyone for the fact... posts/shares pictures of their homes. I am totally intrigued/mesmerized by how other people decorate their personal space, it says a lot about them and how they view life. What your surround yourself with makes you who you are.

Each week (if it allows me) I want to start sharing corners of my home, or my friends home, or... anyone who lets me. The pictures above are corners of my living room and dining room.

Our theme is retro/vintage dark color scheme with a touch of modern-ness.

Why I love these:

*Dining Room table center piece - Orchids are my favorite flower, I found these "imitation" Orchids at Michaels for seven dollars, the vase (not shown) is a long dark green marble vase from the sixties that I found at goodwill.

* Dining Room server table: Black and white pictures of my grandfather, pictured in front. The picture in back is of my grandmother and her family.. ie my great grandmother and grandfather. Wine Rack, which of course is mostly empty, thanks to long days at work. :)

* Retro Balls (Target) surrounded by rocks that were found at the beach, cheap yet very eye catching.

*Sea shell pasely designed modern chairs in brown and beige. These are always the first thing that people comment on when they enter the living room. They are definitely the star of the show when it comes to the living room.

*Dining room server again (after I removed the pictures). Apparently we love have a thing for vintage vases, boxes, old pottery. It clashes with everything, what can I say.

And last but not least....

* The fireplace. Our fireplace is electric. The wood you see is in deed fake and so is the moss. But it looks totally real right? So we try not to use the electric fireplace too much... only on special occasions, get together, Christmas mornings and Thanksgiving evenings. In the meantime I have substituted large candles as well as tea candles to do the job. And they do a fine one at that if I don’t say so myself.

So... are you intrigued?


  1. your home is so lovely and cozy! I love the fabric on those two chairs. thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love looking at photos of other people's lives, especially bloggers. It's so interesting, especially since my home is not decorated or anything. Just a bunch of mismatched knick-knacks thrown wherever they land. :)

    I am intrigued! I want more!

  3. aw beautiful home!! i love looking at pics of people's houses too :)