Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cutting off dead ends

The night before I started this new manager job shin dig thing, I had my cousin Katie cut off a shit load of my dead hair. It felt good, it felt like I was starting a fresh beginning. Is that weird? Whenever I get a hair cut, I feel like I'm letting go of dead weight. Maybe I live in metaphors..... maybe it really is a new start.

Not to mention that I am totally in love with the hair cut, I am in love with color. A dark chocolate cherry in the sunlight, and a dark burgundy brown when I'm inside. Oh oh oh!... and she gave me the most wonderful shampoo & conditioner, the fancy kind that you don't see at Safeway across from the aspirin and bengay...the kind that requires some kind special "I'm a certified hair stylist" card to purchase.

I think it should be called "Commercial Hair in a Bottle". My hair shines wherever I go! I may look like crap one day, but my hair... never. Damn, it really is lovely to know a hair stylist. Kate’s the best

Note: The pictures above, 1: NO I'm not naked, I'm wearing a tube top.
& 2, My hair is not styled what so ever, this was the product of my hair been up in a sloppy bun all day.


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