Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seniors say the darndest things...

Working with senior citizens has a great perk.

The shit they say.

For Example:
-Instance One-
Setting: Hallway near Living Room- Resident- June (Note: She has a southern accent)

June: Come heyre Veronica
Me: Hey June bug whats up?!
June:  (proceeds to poke my left breast)
June:  Are those arty-fiycial?
Me: Errr... ummm... *excesive laughing*...yes June, I grew them all by myself
June:  Myine too (grabs my hand)  Touch myine... thay are all nautyrual baby.

Setting:  Cafe - Resident- Don- (Very sharp sun-of-a-gun)
Me: Hey Don, were painting birdhouses in the personal expressions room, to hang in the courtyard. Want to come?
Don: Honestly Veronica, No I don't want to come.  More birds means more damn bird shit, and I'm not going to have any business with bringing more shit into my life.

Oh they say the darndest things...


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  2. Hahaha!!! That's hilarious!

  3. Haha... thats amazing.

    My nan comes out with some amazing insults to anyone I am seeing. She tries to make it sound innocent, but I know she thinks it through carefully. She saw one of my girlfriends once (who I had been out with for years, and she met many times) and said "oh, I've never seen you made up before... it suits you".

    She took it as a compliment till I explained it.