Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thankful Tuesday / Corners of my room...

I missed last Tuesday (figures) and I haven't done "corners" in a while so here we go....

1. Fresh Flowers.  I used to get fresh flowers every week and then my life got crazy chaotic and I started buying more wine then flowers.  Well, I'm back into my normal routine and I'm surrounding myself with fresh flowers and it feels amazing!

2. Lighting candles during the day.   Yeah I love them at night too, but during the day its even more enjoyable....

3. When our name tags are on my metal perfume holder thingy.  This means were both home and not at work, double win.

4. My books. OH HOW I LOVE MY BOOKS!!!! I have to admit I've been pretty bad with them lately with classes and full time work, books are put on the back burner... but that doesn't mean that I don't still fully appretiate them.
5. Being able to smell 'pretty' everyday.  The majority of these scents were bought by Kris which leads me to number 6.

6. A man who has a good sence of smell. Mmmmm Delicious.  My current favorite is the small pink one in front : Hollywood by Michael Kors.
7. A computer companion. I know I talk about her a lot.  But she's one of the loves of my life, what can I say? Plus, she sits with me and keeps my lap warm when I'm on the computer.
8. More books. Enough said.
9. Having a balcony in my room, and its a plus that it has a great view.  Although I don't utilize it as much as I should, I am thankful for it.
10. Breaking Bad/On Demand.  This show is the shit, if you haven't already heard of it, take whatever messures you need to to learn more about it.  By far one of the best TV shows on cable.  The best part?  If you miss an episode it's on Comcast On Demand.  Speaking of, I am off to watch the last episode I missed. Did I mention that we just got HD too?  Oh well we did and I am thankful for that too!
 (Even though I can't really tell a HUGE difference and my Dad and Kris swears there is.... shurrre)
Ps. I am also thankful for my long toes, yeah thats right thankful! Better long one's then none right? LOL.
Happy Thankful Tuesday :)

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