Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Passing it on.......

Today my day was made when one of my lovely followers Cassie, who is just beyond sweet and has a blog to match awarded me with this! WOOT WOOT! Check out her blog here!

I am so honored! I've always wanted one of these thingys.... so thank you Cassie !!!
So now I believe that it's up to me to pass this on.... 

My top picks for beautiful blog award go to:
The hilarious sweet Chicken
The always busy but beautiful Stephany

( and of course if I could  I would give it back to Cass-A Frass)

Love you lovely blogging ladies!


  1. awww you are so sweet! thank you you, glad you enjoyed your award, you deserve it :))

  2. Thanks! I left you a shout out on my blog. Hopefully that'll throw some love your way.