Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Awards. Flowers & a New Camera Stand.

So many things to blog about so little time!

This post is going to be very diverse.

Lets start with Awards.  One of my LOVELY followers, and a blog that I follow avidly Star, has awarded me with the Preppy Mafia Award. I am of course very appreciative and feeling rather preppy for receiving it! I will follow the rules and pass it on as soon as I have time. But thank you Star, you are too sweet.


The flowers that Kris had gotten me on Saturday continue to bloom, and continue making me want to literaly roll around in them.  Look at how much they have bloomed!!!!! And they smell so AMAZING!!!!!!!

           SATURDAY              WEDNESDAY


& check these babies out.... they are GI-NOR-MOUS.& smell the sweetest out of the bunch.


I also got a package in the mail today.  It was my new camera stand that I got off of Ebay for $12.00!!!
 It's beautiful and made for Nikons so the stand holds my baby just perfectly and turns and twists every which way.  & we all know how much I love to use my camera stand. 


  1. You're welcome! Those flowers are beautiful! I love the color!

  2. First of all, CONGRATS on the award!!!

    Second, those flowers are beautiful! I decided a long time ago, that as soon as we get a job, I am surprising Jen with flowers. I think they make a wonderful gift. And they're so sweet!

    Also, congrats on the camera stand! That's a great price! I definitely need one myself.

  3. I love your photography. Those flowers are so pretty!

  4. i like the flowers in the background, nice frame