Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who needs little hole in the wall nail salons?

Last week my cousin Kate came over and we spent the night giving ourselves Mani's and Pedi's. 
Foot massage bath and all!

And thank goodness.... because my feet were starting to look like guy feet.....

.....err... LOL. Just playing... these lovely feetsies belong to my very straight, very metrosexual brother....
What a good sport he was.... Even when I scrubbed the shit out of his feet.
and after Kate did his cuticals, it was all about us.  But damn.... he isn't he a lucky guy?

Bonus Picture, because it's just that great. ....

 That's my Dad getting his hair cut by Kate.
I begged her to leave it like that, and tried my best to convince my Dad it's "What's in",
but they both didnt budge. damn.


  1. I totally agree!!!

    A night with my wife, doing our nails over a salon a-n-y-d-a-y!!!

    Are you the purple or red? I'm voting purple. I don't know why! :P

  2. RED. LOLOL. Long toes represent! Purple is Kate.

  3. You ladies did an awesome paint job!

  4. haha aw i love the pics! :) and your toes look great!! i love at home manis and pedis :))

  5. haha, at first i was afraid that one of the pairs of feet was your brothers! But then I realized that they were the cuter type girly feet, and not dude feet... wew...

  6. LOL. I love all of your comments. Hell yes for saving money right? and andy... yours made me laugh.