Monday, May 3, 2010

Wonderful Weekend Happenings

This weekend was nothing short of wild ride.... well at least Saturday Night was.

After we all got off of work..Kim, Kris & I went to my sisters Birthday Dinner (post to come) & then proceeded to come home and get ready for a night out on the town also known as San Fran. So a load of us carpool over to the city to party at Manor West.  This swanky, up town club. 
I was surprised to see a lot of umm..... older club goers. 
But it was a fun night non the less. I really needed a night out... of music,drinking, dancing and people I love, following my week of doing nothing but being sick and cleaning up spilled soup.

(My face is the product of just a few too many party pre shots.)

We partied until we were um, lets just say no longer allowed in the club.
Some chick decided to be a complete beezy and mistake my boyfriend for someone else, resulting in her drink being poured all over him.  Damn, I really do hate hyphy girls, get some manners and learn how to handle your alcohol, until you can do that... Don't go to the club and ruin it for us semi-good girls!

Kris, Kim and I got home and passed out in my bed. We spent Sunday morning laughing our asses off about memories from the night before.  I love hung over Sundays, minus the hang over part of course.

Kim left, and Kris and I literally stayed in bed ALL WEEKEND. With the exception of Dinner at La Pinata on Sunday night with some of his family...
we hybernated in my room and it is by far one of my favorite things to do.

He just left and I miss him already. I am so mushy gushy, I know I know.

By the way..... Today is a beautiful day in my part of the town.  I just spent some time sitting in my front yard and I am LOVING this 80 degree weather.  Spring clothes here I come!

I hope all my readers had a weekend that was as enjoyable as mine.


  1. aw glad you had a great weekend! i love sunday morning convos about the night before too :) love the pics!

  2. cute pictures, as always! sounds like a great weekend! <3

  3. I had a bad hangover this weekend from my Friday night! My friends and I went dancing at a gay bar! Supa dupa fun! Haha. But the recovery...not so much! You like cute in that picture btw! Love that flower in your hair!

  4. You girls look so cute! I love you pictures, the flower pictures are amazing!

  5. Thank you ladies. All my favorite blog ladies commenting. Love it. Stacy.... Gay bars are the place to be!

  6. You looved gorgeous!! Not that you don't always :) That dress was killer on you!

  7. Wow, what a wonderful weekend indeed! Also, that girl mistaking your boyfriend for someone else?

    What. a. BITCH! :O

    Also, I love the pictures!!!