Friday, June 18, 2010

The Art of Growing Up

Lately I feel like I have come to the point in my life where I really want to know myself, I want to understand my reasoning's, my decisions, my some-what wisdom. I want to know that at the age I am, I'm where I'm supposed to be.  Have you ever felt that urge to know your right where your supposed to be in life?  "V, everything your experiencing, thinking, feeling, is right on track... keep at it girlfriend...keep on going for the gold."
If only it were that easy right?

A book that my Aunt Barb gave me for my twenty first birthday, has given me the voice I need.
Take a look at these quotes and tell me that they are nothing less then inspiring....

Seld inquiry is a matter of survival

Glamour means looking glamorous even though no one is looking at you.

Become someone you haven't met yet.

I will.... I will do all of these things.  Starting Tomorrow.  How about you?

PS.  To all of my readers.... I haven't been commenting and catching up on my blogs like I want to due to my hectic schedule, but I will as soon as time allows me. Thank you for still keeping up with me and commenting up a storm.  I feel truly lucky..... as I'm sure you all feel the same way because were all in the same position. <3 love love love. - V


  1. im going through the same thing.....i like this post=)...whats the name of the book?

  2. i absolutely love the last quote.
    That is one I have been dying to do but never knew it! Funny how i found the answer to one of my questions on your Blog!!

  3. How beautiful! What an awesome book! Do you know where she got it?

  4. well i was going to say "what an awesome book!" but brittany already did!! lol

    however, this book looks super insipiring.

    i have felt that way many of times. from the sounds of it.. that's what we're supposed to wonder at some points in our life. that means we are aware!


  5. Tomorrow definitely... today i am enjoying procrastination :-D

    Okay on a serious note, V i understand what you are going through... I have so many questions myself and sometimes it is hard to sit alone and ponder.... well when u feel alone... grab my hands.... we will sit and think together.... xoxoxo

  6. I tend to feel this way around my birthday. I think it's a normal feeling for everyone.

  7. I love the middle one! Super cute!

    & Go ahead and steal it love!! :)
    I also have a blog award for you on my page a few posts ago :)

  8. Amazing photos and sentences! I want this book, which book is it?