Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BBQ Attire / Father's Day 2010

I am LOVING this long flowy racer back tank top from Target. $16.99
Paired with Faded Washed Jean Shorts from Target $ 15.99 & of course Target Sandals $17.99
In fact, I wore this to our annual trip to Lodi Lake for Father's Day.

It was such a beautiful day.  Dad was a little boy again, he even got me to go on a Kanu ride with him.
( I let in EVERY year) The food was mouth watering, the company was joyful and fulfilling. The sun was warm and soaked into my sun bathing skin.  It was a Father's day to envy.

Dad,Although I know you'll never see this, because you don't even know how to turn a computer on... I still love you.  I love being your daughter, I love learning from you, and I love that I know your support is endless.  EYE LUV U. - Ronnie

Oh & guess what this post is......?

Have I mentioned I love my readers? Family, Friends and Strangers that I have bonded with.


  1. Happy 200!! I love your target outfit! So cute! I just might need to go buy that tank!

  2. :) love your outfit.

    Love the pictures.

    Love your letter to target.

    luv you!

  3. We love you too!!!

    That shirt is super cute and I may need to invest in one :)

  4. Congrats on 200! Love your blog lady!

  5. Wow, that water is gorgeous! Cute shirt too. Target has come through for me lots of times. I love that store!

  6. Hey hey V I love this post.... so colorful and BTW your anklet was WOW..... and happy 200th post... yay yay yay... I hv answered ur ques in my comments sec V....

  7. I love your outfit! Especially the sandals :-) So cute!

    Target is amazing isn't it? They always find a way to take money from me haha

    Congrats on your 200th post. Glad I found your blog! (winning your giveaway was great too haha)

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  9. congrats on your 200th post!! and i love your outfit, it seems perfect for your father's day outing :)

  10. you got an award so head over to my blog to get it!