Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vicky Delivery!

Today I got my bathing suit that I ordered from Victoria Secret!
Somehow I ended up with absolutely no bathing suits, I think the bathing suit fairy was mad at me for wearing the same one over and over.
But it's all good, because I ordered a new one from my friend Victoria for my trip to Vegas.....
I usually don't post anything reveling of myself, but I figure that if I'm going to be wearing this in front of thousands of people in Vegas, why not blog about it. Plus, this is also a critique post!

I honestly didn't like it at first..It made me feel just a little un-easy
.. but, it grew on me.... why shouldn't I love it?!
This is probably one of the best bathing suits I've ever owned, and I've only wore it in my room alone.!!!

Why is it great?

*Because it has SUPPORT, with no under-wire granny looking contraption. I'm not going to complain about my natural chest (that I'll have you know, grew all by myself) , because I know many other women would envy them. BUT sometimes they are a real pain in the ass.  There are more things that don't look good on me then things that do, and its really hard to find a bathing suit that will have your back... err... chest.  ya know?

*I have NO backside what-so-ever.  But the bottoms that I ordered have perfect coverage, and I love the side bow - allows for adjustable comfortable-ness.

*So, I splurged. I spent $53.80 cents on this baby, and I really don't regret any penny.
Actually, this is the very very first time I have ever ordered anything
 off-line without trying it on and still loving it!


  1. Talk about boobs! My goodness - can I have some? haha!

    I love VS bathing suits! They always fit great and there are SO many opinions. White is a great color too - shows off a nice tan :-) Glad it worked out since you got it off line

  2. Seriously, please share some boobs with the rest of us who aren't so blessed!

  3. First, I am going to have to second the girls above me; it so so unfair that you are hogging those bad boys all to yourself while the rest of us flat chested women must suffer. Shame on you. ;)
    Second, I love VS bathing suits!! I ordered my first one online as well and was really afraid it wouldn't fit well, but it fits like a glove! I absolutely adore it.

    -Ellie Grace

  4. i need something that will support my pain in the asses up top too. people think boobs are so great, when all reality... they can be a real hassle. and if you cant find a good supportive top, some b-suits will about cut right through your neck because boobs are heavy. ughh. sometimes guys have it so easy. throw on a pair of shorts and be done with it!!

  5. i wish i looked that good in a bikini. :P share your boobies!

  6. Pretty bikini!!! I love the color!!! I actually am very blessed in the chest department, however I haven't really gone swimsuit shopping yet. I do, however, need to buy medium or large shirts! :(

    It's not fun, because my actual size is small... But than BAM. Medium/large! >:(

  7. I got to get on the boob wagon here, lucky you! You look amazing, I wish I looked like that in a bikini! Well, I sure feel more motivated not to stick with my diet and exercise regime :)VS bikinis are the best, I get all my underwear from there as well. Loves it!

  8. White bikinis, I have realized this summer, are about as sexy as it gets. Yours is no exception. =)

    PS your bathroom is AWESOME.

  9. *coughs* *splutters drinks* *bookmarks*

  10. The suit is great! & I know you're probably sick of people talking about your ta-tas but your body is one to envy! You look amazing!

    I have always ordered suits from VS, specially when you get the off season you can get a whole suit for 20 bucks!

  11. Gorgeous bod, and I especially love the tattoo. :) That bikini looks fantastic on you. ^.^

  12. Your body is INSANE! I have big boobs but they don't look nearly that good!

  13. I think its perfect. Simple plain and white, very classic. Love the ties!

  14. I'm jealous! It is SO hard to find a suit with boob support!! It's amazing how quickly my boobs go from awesome to "ACK! What is THAT?" when you stick them in a bikini top. I may have to check out VS!

    It doesn't get see-through when wet though, I hope?