Thursday, July 1, 2010

And the award goes too.......

Okay, I must admit, I am so sucky at acknowledging when awards are given to me. 
Seriously, I read that I get one, and I am excited out of my mind, but then run out of time being excited and have to deal with the next thing life brings to me.  So if you have given me an award and I have not acknowledged you, please blog ass kick me and leave me a comment, so that I can.  I love and appreciate  my readers and followers, and bloggers I follow more then you know!

So here are the ones that I do know / can remember.

Thank you Amoree from Imperfect Obsession
She is sweeter then pie, and has a blog to go a long with it.
I'm going places, I don't know where yet, But I hope you'll follow me there

Passing this onto: Lola from Lovely life of Lola
She let's you into her life, and shares so much.  & Comments up a storm :)

And I'm going more places!  Award given to me from Kanwalful from Kanwalful meets the world
She is so funny and sarcastic at times which is even funnier.  She lives in Pakistan and through emailing we laugh that when I am going to bed she is waking up to greet the world.

Passing this award onto: Shelly Ann from Painting the memories
Oh I love her posts, personal and not, they are always entertaining.  & She's always ready to comment on my posts.  :)


From Jennifer at More than a Mommy
Jen is the cutest mom ever, and not just because she is FUNNIER then ever.  Seriously, the things she says has me rolling! You don't have to have kids to love her.

Passing this onto: Brittany from Unexpected Surprises.  She makes being a great single parent Stylish than ever.  She is adorable, and so are her posts.

So there it is ladies, and again, if you gave me an award, I am so sorry.  Please let me know so you can get a special little post all to your self. lol

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  1. Thank you so much! That was truly one of the most special awards I have ever gotten.. because you took the time to give an explanation why! You are too sweet!

    Congrats on all your awards! You deserve it!

  2. V! You just made my day! thanks for the award!!! Its my frist and I still dont know how to work a lot of features in the blogging world to jazz up my blog.
    And yes I do comment up a storm for somereason for as shy as i am i have a lot to say.
    Plus i hope to make at least one person smile when they get a comment I love getting them back!