Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Guess what ladies.......
I found the perfect white shoes to go with my 40's inspired dress.
Thank you for all of your suggestions, but I went with the majority.

Now, I could go ahead and tell you that I bought these at Nordstroms for a grip.... but I won't lie because I love to share the wealth & great finds!  I GOT THEM AT PAY LESS!  For $17.99!
I KNOW RIGHT!  and it gets better....... once you buy one pair at Pay Less you get another half off...
So I got these every day work shoes.... for ...are you ready....... $3.00!

If you haven't been to Pay Less recently, I would go... like yesterday.

This weekend was fabulous...... Kim & I went to the A's game
We spent way to much money on beer
Got a nice tan (Kim.... a nice burn)
Spent the entire time focusing on the seat usher who was literally 'meeping' ....instead of the game.
Celebrated A's loss by going to the Mall,finding my shoes, some eye shadow, and then coming home to newly developed pictures off our Vegas Camera.  Don't you love that..forgetting what pictures you took, and reliving your entire trip over again for a few minutes.
Here are some of my favorite....

The only two cons about disposable cameras -  They take out ALL and ANY color of your skin.  I swear I am not that white  & The quality is redonkulous compared to my Nikon.

*19 days til Hawaii*
This time I wont let Kim pick up any cameras from our mini-bar.LOL


  1. Fab shoes! I voted for the red though!
    You girlies are super cute!

  2. cute shoes!! haha "corona and muffin" :P

  3. Payless is my heaven, I always get the cutest flats there for like nothing! Those are great shoes!

  4. Payless is great for when you need shoes to go with an outfit you only plan on wearing once. Those shoes will look awesome with that dress and you can't beat that price!

  5. Great choice on the shoes! I dig em

  6. Those are fabulous! Perfect choice. :)

  7. LOVE the shoes.. and love you! You're so stinkin adorable!

    The pictures are great! What fun!

  8. hahahaha I didn't even see this post Glad you chose the white ones

  9. great shoes!! payless IS awesome! and great pics too!* I can tell you had a blast :)

  10. you definitely know how to find the bargains!

  11. Those shoes are great! I also love the painted toe nails!!! Reminds me I need to stock up on nail polish as I'm running empty...