Monday, August 9, 2010

Packing Mania - Pre Vegas

This is the only way that I can pack, I have to lay out everything on my bed so that I am absolutely positively sure that I haven't forgotten anything.  Is that weird, am I the only one who does this?
Leaving something behind on a vacation is definitely a small fear of mine.  I refuse!
The black dress pictured above came via UPS just as I was packing everything.  Forever 21 you have once again made me a happy woman.  Love it.

I spent a grip in the past few days on the things I will need for Vegas/Hawaii, but these three things are definitely my favorite top three.

Its really hard for me to find a perfect color of lipstick/gloss because of how pale my skin is. Either its too pink or too light or just a flat out train wreck. So today I stopped by MAC with my recyclables
(did you know if you bring six empty glass or plastic MAC product containers you get a free lipstick?!)
....and one of the MAC girls helped me try on at least six different shades until I found the perfect one.
The Lipstick is Frost Angel A30 & Lip gloss is Pink Cultured A40.

I found this loud yet settle flower broach/hair accessories as I was waiting in line to purchase my things at surprise surprise F21.  I'm usually all about little dainty hair accessories, but it was literally love at first sight.  The perfect thing to match a plain black dress and dainty jewelry. Plus, nothing says class like feathers, right?

Yay!  This time tomorrow night I will be enjoying the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas.
Have a great week everyone :)


  1. I hope you have fun on your trip!! and btw: I love the lipgloss, such a pretty colour =)

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  3. great minds think alike =)

  4. Good stuff. The black dress looks great on you!

  5. I think you look amazing girl.... Just amazing.... Enjoy your vacation....

  6. Cultured is one of my favorites from MAC! You wouldn't believe all the compliments I get when I wear it; people love it!

  7. Have a lovely time in Vegas. Win big!!!

  8. I have never laid anything out on my bed but I think I'm going to start because that would probably ease my anxiety!!!
    Love the dress!! Have fun!!

  9. you are such a hot lil thing!! love the shoes your wearing in the picture of your dress! have lots of fun!!

  10. Yeah I forget things... it all works out in the end... you just get to go shopping while you are out ;). But I wish I could pack ahead of time. I'm just the opposite. I'm up packing until the end!

  11. I do that too!! the putting everything on my bed before packing thing! lol it's better to be safe then sorry afterwards.
    and beautiful black dress and white hair accessory.. loved them both!!

    have a lovely day

  12. you ar such a hottie pa tottie!

    Go have a blast in Vegas.

    Take a shot or a drink or two for me.

    Please and thank you! :))

  13. WOW. Can I shop in your closet? And those shoes are HOT! You and all this traveling!! I want to go next time V. Take me Take me! lol

  14. youre definitely not the only one that packs like that! it makes things so much easier!

    and that feather barrette is adorable!

    i hope you have an awesome time in vegas :)

  15. packing until u leave... tats wat i do.. ;)
    luvd your feathered clip ... its fun :)

  16. Have a fabulous trip lady! Love the black dress!

  17. I love your new dress!! Adorable! And sexyyy! Ow ow! :) Have fun!

  18. I hope you don't find this inappropriate if me to say, but your body looks amazing!! What is your eating habits? Work out regime? I want to look like that! lol