Monday, October 11, 2010

Relaxing weekend / weekend atire

I had such a great weekend.  It was relaxed, chill and very much needed.

Work on Saturday - Black leggings, boots, gray sweater tank vest. (Boutiqe Blvd)
I love that there is a slit that essentiates the leggings.

Sunday Myself, Kris, Niz, Dad and Deni drove to the Oakland Harbor to watch the Blue Angels air show that was taking place over the bay.  The weather was beautiful.
Pearl racer back hanging T (Forever 21). with jean shorts.
Recently I've been rocking the side bun, It's cute and easy to put up with a claw.

Afterwards we all came back and had family dinner with Colette and Andy.  We played Buzz word (great party game, buy it at Target) laughed, shocked each other with a shock lighter, and ate late night pizza.

I was feeling like being different so I rocked suspenders.  I've seen them a few times in Vogue and the high end fashion magazines, but I really haven't seen anyone wearing them. I found these red and blue paisley  suspenders at a thrift store.  I got a lot of compliments just from a quick run to the gas stations and CVS.  Go figure.
They are cute though, and very unique.TIP: If you rock them, rock them loose.

Have a great week everyone!
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  1. Looove your first outfit with the boots, so hot!! And loving the suspenders!!!

  2. ooo love the Forever 21 shirt!!

  3. Love all the outfits! Especially the first one!

  4. Yo, follow my blog! :) Love you, Sis.

  5. your work outfit was super cute! and i love wearing my hair in a side bun. like you said, its so much easier!

  6. Seriously When I go out to SF next year You'll have to take me shopping! If I knew how to shop and buy accessories, well if i had style your's is something similar to what i would love!