Monday, November 22, 2010

A new perspective

Wrote this post to this outstanding composer, press play.

We woke early, showered and prepared the food for after the prayer was over. It was the day after Kris's Nani's birthday and we were preparing for the pandit (priest) to arrive and begin the two hour prayer in Nani's living room.  Her children, grandchildren, and other family members surround her and the baby of the family on Nani's living room floor.  The furniture pushed aside and comfortable carpets laid awaiting the family to sit and enter a state of spirituality, devotion, thankfulness and offerings for good comings.

I have actually been to many of these prayers since becoming apart of Kris's family, the entire week of his sisters wedding, and after.  Prayers in the honor of Angiemousi & Indu after their passing... and a few there after....  but this time was different for me, it was minus the excitement of the wedding, and minus the devastating grief of loss.This time seemed as if it were a prayer for life in general, for good comings, and personal well-ness.
 Flowers and sweets, fruits and pictures adorn the shrine to the sun, left of the pandit. This prayer was dedicated to the sun, and all it provides. The atmosphere was calm and Sarine, peaceful and touching. Although I could only make out some simple words the priest was saying, the vibe, the united feeling of family and love that filled the room was overwhelming.  It was the most beautiful meditation I have ever experienced.

After the pooja is finished, the pandit ties three strings around our wrists, signifying protection and compassion.
A day after the pooja (prayer) , I felt the need to call Si, Kris's aunt and tell her how much this experience, one that is ordinary to them and some what new to me, had touched me to the core of my existence. A person who has never been religious, I was curious about the spiritual connection that I had made with my core and wanted to know more. We had a long conversation and spoke about how Hinduism is not a religion, but more of a way of life. Acknowledging what life is really about, creating your own destiny and giving thanks to what we are all made of, the elements of earth. This prayer that Nani had composed gave us a chance to be physically aligned with our goals, or intentions, and our hopes.

Soon after I spoke with Si, Kris's Mom called me and I spoke with her about the same thing.  What a wonderful women she is.  So willing to indulge me, in her culture, her family, her thoughts and guidance. She purchased me three books to get me started on my path to learning to Hindi.....this was more then a mere gesture, this meant so much more to me. I soon hope to be her daughter in law one day, yet she treats me as nothing less. Not only is she a wonderful woman, I praise her for raising such a wonderful man.
She awes me.

I am on a path, I am on a path to a new way of life, a new language, with a man that I love along with his family that has excepted me for who and what I am, and for what I want to be.

I am so thankful, so grateful, and so immensely entranced with life.

(2009) Can you find me?


  1. How amazing! Their way of life has always facsinated me! I cannot wait to read more about your growth in this direction!

  2. I found you right away, lol. And on another note, that was the most interesting, beautiful reading I've read. Touching. I said outloud afterwards, Ronnie is truly an amazing writer. -ditty kim :)