Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas under my tree & a Holiday Outift

Confession: I love looking into other people's houses who have their window's open during the holidays.  Their season cheer, Christmas tree and living rooms on display for all to see.  Maybe it's that I enjoy imagining myself celebrating Christmas in each display, maybe it's just scenes that I have seen in movies.  All in all, I just look forward to gawking during this season.  So I thought I'd share, for those like me, what the inside of my home looks like from rather than from the street.

Isn't it lovely?!  Share your living room or Christmas display with me, I really want to see!

This is the lovely zipper dress that my Grandmother bought for me a few months back. 
I paired it with a belt that reminded me a lot of Santa's (Kohl's for $10.00),
to wear to my resident's candle light dinner this evening.
Paired with tights and knee high boots that I folded down to compliment the dress.

When I think Christmas this is what comes to mind

A snowy meadow, a log cabin drenched in snow, filled with a laughing family and loved ones. Ornaments dangle from the tree that smells of pine, gifts of every size and color under the fern awaiting to be opened. Warm PJ's, great food, whispers of Santa and great things that came and went throughout the years. 
Oh how I LOVE CHRISTMAS at this stage of my life !

Merry Christmas to all of my followers,blog authors,and to those who aren't. Merry Christmas to my family, to my friends, my co-workers, to everyone that I have had a brief encounter with, to those that I see on a daily basis and know by familiarity, from the checkers at my grocery store to the distant family members that I meet of my resident's at work.  Merry Christmas to all, take advantage of this season of gratitude.


  1. I totally look into peoples windows at Christmastime, and also when it's not Christmas. I do it all year round...hey, if your lights are on and your curtains are open-fair game. I get it from my mom :P

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Your home looks beautiful! That Santa ornament is SO cute.

  3. Merry early Christmas, V!!! I posted all of mine and Jen's Christmas decorations a few days back, you can see them all here:

    I too love seeing into our people's houses during the holidays, to see the prettiness and how they decorate. Your house is fab!!!

    Love the dress. ^_^

  4. merry christmas..! cute blogg I am your 160 follower..!

  5. Merry Christmas, Veronica! Lovely Christmas tree, and I really like the belt with your dress. It shows off your tiny waist and ups the sexiness (:


  6. Lovely dress!! And Love the Christmas tree!! Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

  7. your christmas tree is so pretty! and i love your holiday outfit! that belt ties it all together :) have a happy new year!

  8. Veronica darling!!!! How was your christmas we havent chatted in awhile!! I'm missing you!!!!