Friday, January 14, 2011

V's Beauty tips & favorites

One thing that I absolutely hate when I'm doing my makeup, is when a smudge of eye liner, mascara, or eye shadow gets anywhere other than where they're supposed to go in the first place... and then its a mission to take it off.

 So I came up with a solution, and you should use it to.  Its super simple, and it works like magic.

I use CVS age defying towelettes to take off my eye make up. $4.99
They are moist and do the trick.

Any towelette will do, take one out
...and let it dry over night.

in the AM you will have a dry towelette that works as a magic eraser for those everyday slip-ups. I use one towelette for my make up mistakes, and it lasts me a week.
(note, only use these towelettes, or any towelette to take off eye makeup, not face make up.  They are huge pore cloggers.)

Want the dewy effect after putting on foundation?
Run your make up sponge under the water before you apply your make up, ring it out completely.
You'll be left with an expanded sponge that will add a moist texture to your skin.

Extra dry skin, and afraid of breaking out in search of a cure?
Good Ol' Vaseline.
Most dermatologists say that this is a pore clogger, but they are indeed wrong.
I even had several dermatologists at Kaiser tell me that they couldn't be absolutely sure that it is.
The amazing acne and skin specialists at Face Reality have done their research and have found this to be the best cure for dry facial skin.  And my does it work!  take a Q-tip or a dab on your finger and apply at night to your dry areas.

Some of my absolute needs when it comes to my make up routine are as follows:

Fabulash Mascara by Revlon. $5.99 at Target.  Were going on eight years being together.
She has never failed me.

8-in-one Eye Shadow Palette by Avon - My Favorite in Neutral.

Infallible Advanced Never Fail Foundation by L'Oreal
$12.99 at Target
Approved by my skin specialist to not have any pore cloggers.

Eyeliner: Unstoppable by Maybelline
$9.99 at Target
Great on the bottom eye line for long lasting results..
If used on top, use a primer so that your eye lids don't get moist and run the eyeliner.

Thanks to lovely lady Venice for turning me on to this

Revlon Creme #680 Temptress

I'm thinking about giving away a lovely basket of everything listed above for my next blog give away,
what do you think?

and... I want to know your beauty secrets... please share!

PS. The blog BFF joined this very sweet valentines give away hosted by Simply Sunshine and Daisys. Check her out and join in on the fun! 


  1. I love finding other's beauty must haves. Thanks for posting. Grabbing that mascara ASAP. Your lashes are amazing.

    It would be a great giveaway!

  2. Thanks for all the tips V! My skin is so dry right now, I'm going to try your vaseline tip! My fave makeup is Bare Escentuals, I've used it for about 4 years! Btw, that giveaway would be freakin amazing!

  3. Thanks for the tips doll.
    I use vaseline too on my dry skin, its sooo dry on my face it hurts!!
    YESSS blog give away would be awesome.

    V whats your email we should email each other i think itd be easier then commenting since we r blogger bff.
    If you wanna go a vday swap im down

  4. V, I have many days where I want to just sit on the couch! I used to have long days and the last thing I wanted to do was work more than 6 hours a day after working 9-12. I dread the day when I have to work those hours again when it doesnt involve working out. Just plan to do some thing 3x a week for one month and that is only 12 work outs for the month. Then add on from there

    I am so grateful you posted this beauty tips today! I have trouble with mascara, I have long straight lashes. The one and only time I had the perfect lashes and mascara, I had stopped at the MAC store in Vegas and had them apply fake lashes to add curl with some mascara and it was perfect. I need something that isnt fake. Anyways I have a friend who is a mary kay consultant she has helped me so much with how to apply eye shadows. I am helpless when it comes to doing my own make up with out anyone around!

    I say do the give away and give it away to me!

    P.s. sorry i just wrote you a novel of a comment!

  5. Great tips, I'm definitely going to have to try that mascara, I've been trying to find a cheaper one that my Dior because face it, $24 for mascara is stupid!

  6. great tips! thank you for posting!