Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Always say this to yourself :Your opinion of me is none of my business" - One of my residents.

I've been away from blogging for a bit. I guess you could say that recently I’ve been focusing a lot of my attention on my goals and parts of my life that I want to actually start, instead of just conveniently thinking about in my head. I’ve put off writing for so long. I don’t know where the urge went, I don’t know when it went or how it went, but it disappeared. One of my passions in life, something that moved my soul that filled me with complete joy. Even if I was writing about deep, distressing, crazy feelings it still gave me this incredible outlet, it was gone. I stopped writing, so I stopped expressing. In the past couple of days connecting the two similarities between keeping everything in and letting one of your personal passions slip through the cracks of life…. gave me a whole new perception of how I have been thinking, and how I need to think.

So, this connection that I’ve made has sparked this fire in me, a fire grown tiny, but thats now back to life again, and with great intensity. I recently told my Aunt Barb that I've taken the first steps at attempting to write a book. . She jumped at the fact and bought me a few books to start the long journey ahead of me.My Aunt Barb is a Reach-for- the-stars, live positive, read to grow, read for joy, loving, beyond supportive, kind of woman, and I am so grateful for everything that she is.  The book that I am reading now had me encouraged from the first page on. “If You Want to Write” by Brenda Ueland. Which is also known as “The best book ever written on how to write”.

I will let this first paragraph show for the anticipation that I have to finish the book and begin my journey of expressing myself into something astonishing.

“Try not expressing anything for twenty-four hours and see what happens. You will nearly burst. …… Writing or painting is putting these thoughts on paper, music is singing them, that is all there is to it.”

“My Motto – Be Bold, Be Free, Be Truthful. The truthfulness will save it from flamboyance, from pretentiousness”

“Work with your intelligence and love. Work freely and rollickingly as though they were talking to a friend who loves you. Mentally (at least three or four times a day) thumb your nose at all know it alls, jeerers, critics, doubters.”
Isn't that such a mgnificent word? rollickingly.  rol·lick·ing (r l -k ng). adj. Carefree and high-spirited; boisterous: a rollicking celebration.

This will be a challenge for me, I often write with the notion in my head that someone will read it, which implicates me questioning everything I write. Just the first chapter of Brenda’s book has taught me how poisonous these thoughts can be. The funny thing is that the best words I ever wrote came from a mindset that never once gave a shit. I guess this is my first step to returning to where I was, my first great step. I guess you could say that this blog will become a mirror of my creative progression. Nothing different, just modified.


  1. Veronica I think it's so great that you are really going for your passion. Writing a book is something my boyfriend wants to do and he has actually written a whole story into a journal that I bought him. His story was amazimg to me and I think it's so exciting that you're going to this. Best of luck to you :)


  2. You were born to write. Keep the inspiration flowing.

  3. I haven't been around blog-world lately, but I wanted to tell you I have missed your adorable posts.
    I def say you should follow your dreams and keep writing!!!

  4. Seems great, and that picture looks like something out of a catalogue :) If that's your room you're so lucky!