Sunday, July 17, 2011

Things that make me smile

* My Abode
*Being Inspired
*Getting Creative
*Expression through photography
*Spending time with my brother

I randomly have a collection of century old rustic keys for no reason. I was on a mission to give them some creative spark, so I randomly dropped them into my vase of market flowers. I think it's becoming, or at least worthy of a "Whoa, different" which is exactly what I was looking for.

Oh how I love my vanity, aka the girlfriend of my mornings, she takes me in arms wide opened wide eyed and bushy tailed --droopy eyed and bed headed angry because I couldn't sleep another hour-- self. Thank you vanity, I owe you.

As someone who prides herself in her writing abilities, it sure is hard for me to focus and concentrate when I'm in my most creative mode. So I made a change in my environment, something that brings me right to where I need to be.

"Dad made us a swing in the creek" said my brother who is no, not eight years old, but nineteen.  "WHAT?  I WANT TO GO, TAKE ME!" said the twenty something I am.....  It was like a blast into the past as my brother and I swung on the home made swing, an exact replica of the one Dad built us circa 2000. We talked about old memories, and even about the memories to come, ones we were building as we spoke.


  1. I love the keys inside of the flower vase, that is really a charming and whimsical look! Also, your vanity is too cute! As is the back drop for your computer. Love the colors!

    Sounds like you had a fun day with your brother. :D Swings ROCK!

  2. your vanity is truly incredible! love it! do you have any tips on how to create such an organized one?

  3. super cute blog....

    new follower!

    xoxo, lisa

  4. That's such a cute idea with the vases/keys!

  5. Love your make-up vanity! Especially the way it's glass so you can see everything (:

    Hmmm. If only I had more space :D

  6. Adorable! Love checking out your posts. You have a lot of great ideas!