Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is in the air....

This is what I came home to after Kim and I went out to Dinner tonight.... Why my Dad likes to give Valentines presents the night before, I will never understand. He's done this since I was little. Purple flowers, a beautiful Vase (thats hard to see in the picture) A promise of my new 2009 AAA card. Candy hearts (cliche) A very sentimental card, a twenty dollar bill, and the best part of the whole gift expolision, a book that my dad used to read me when I was a little girl. Inside the book he wrote this,

Although I havent seen this book in literally years... I remember every page, every word, every picture, my memories are so vivid and it makes my heart feel so full. I will give this book back to my dad tomorrow, and will hope to get it back when the time is right. What a wonderful gift.
Note 1: Im taking a guess and saying that im around three or four years old when I attempted to write my name in "Over In The Meadow" this is before I decided to change Roni to Ronnie)
Note 2: "HIDE". The first house we ever lived in was in a little two bedroom condo near the
San Leandro Marina, and not even half a mile away from the traintracks. My Dad would be in bed with me reading my favorite books, and every single time we would hear the train coming he would whisper "HIDE!" and the book would close, the flash light off, and we would "hide" under the blankets until the train had passed, and every single time felt like a small adventure.
A childhood memory that I will never ever foget.
My Dad really is something else and the fact that these moments mean as much as they do to him as they do to me, means more then the world to me. I love him oh so very much.
On another love note: I made my own Valentines this year.... the product of yet another night at the front desk with nothing to do. Making all of these valentines made me realize how many people that I love so much in my life. I am so grateful for each and everyone of them.

Tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day, Kris's sister is officially getting engaged, and his family has so generously opened their arms to me and have invited me to take part in the special day, another thing that I am more then grateful for.

Happy Valentines Day.

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