Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines day

Valentines definitely turned out to be a day/night to always remember. Kris's family took me under their wing and gave me more love then I could of asked for. The bride to be shined all night, and memories were made that will never be forgotten. Once again, my heart is more then full.

The stunning bride being dressed by her Nani

Back of Sari

Rex, Jazzy & V.
Bride and Groom's Setting

Beautiful ostrich feather table decorations

The hall before...

.... The hall half way done
Unfortunately I chose to leave my camera at home for the actual engagement, which means you wont be getting to see the beautiful out come, it all came together so nicely and really was breathtaking.
The only thing I regret.....not getting any pictures with my handsome honey.
I fell in love with Kris's family all over again, in turn making me fall in love with him even more.
Another Valentines day to add to the vault.

Note: I got some emails regarding my old blog, and yes it is gone, as in erased.... thank you to all of you who followed me over here.
Diane- Your comment was lovely, and thank you for the camera tips.

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