Friday, February 27, 2009

How I spent my Friday Night

So this is how I spent my Friday night...... My dad had his brother and two best friends over for dinner... One of the best friends Bruce has a daughter only one year older then I am... Jessica..whom yes I grew up with... we've grown with each other over the years and of course as any relationship of some sort have grown apart over the years, but at the same time have come together over the tiny visits that we have here and there, and I cant even begin to explain how weird it is to see her as a mother... a mother to one of the most beautiful babies on this earth!. We bonded and it filled my heart with soooo much joy its unexplainable. I can just hope that Jessica and I can form a bond that is identical to the one we had when we were children.
Angelina playing with my phone. "Helllllo" she would say. So adorable
My Dads best friend Bruce holding me when I was Angelina's age.

My Dad and I.

My Dad cooked a spectacular dinner for the reunion.

Hugs. Even at 60 and older.

The Boys Now.....

The boys then.... ( minus the Uncle Steve)

Angelina and I... shes so photogenic


I would say "SMILE BABY" and she would do this.....
I am feeling so overwhelmingly grateful for tonight.... for witnessing such a fabulous reunion of four men who have grown with each other over the years.. and who have still come to appreciate the company of one another today.....for the hope of sharing the same future with the people that are in my life today.
What a great night. I am going to sleep so thankful for everything that I have been blessed with and for everything that is to come......

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