Friday, March 6, 2009

Where flowers bloom so does hope.....

There's something about flowers that brings more life to a room then someones presence..... Kris doesn't understand why I would even begin to think about buying my self flowers unless I was sad and needed a quick fix to happiness. I'm continually reminding him that flowers are nothing less then a simple mood booster. They make me happy.... how can they not?
Marilyn Monroe once said..... " I'd rather have flowers on my table then diamonds on my neck"
Well to that I say.... In a perfect world I would have both..... but in a way its true... there's just something about flowers that silently lifts the souls spirit.... just by being...
how amazing is that?

Whats even more amazing then just splurging on yourself for a undeniable bouquet of flowers.... is the feeling of bringing them to someone you love and witnessing the gleaming smile on their faces just because you decided to make such a simple gesture.... My yia-yia said not one word, but the smile on her face was completely priceless...and that made me extremely happy.
I tell you, there is just something so lifting about flowers, and the fact that they are so accessible should make us feel so fortunate.

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