Tuesday, April 7, 2009

His family...

Ive racked my brain several of times trying to find just the right words to express what Kris does to me, how he makes me feel, and there are just no words, Ive come to the conclusion that thats just what love is, its undeniably unexplainable. Loving Kris comes so easy to me, and I should of known that it would of been the same with his family.

The past weekend I spent in Aptos with Kris's family at their beach house. The weekend was full of enormous amounts of delicious food, a lot of drinking, the beach, devine weather, laughter, and the best part... extreme amounts of love. The three bedroom house fit all 15 something of us perfectfly. This family always has me in awe when im in their presence, their love, their respect for one another, and the RIDICULOUS amounts of food these people eat it was unbelievable! Literally right after we were done eating, they were preparing the next meal. At the end of the weekend, I left genuinely loving each and every one of them even more then I did coming into it, and hopefully one day if Im lucky enough, I might just be able to call them my family too.

Between Nick, Shiv and I my camera had a little more then over 600 pictures on it. So below are a select few of some of my favorites.

First night, Sunset

Jello Shots

Three hour volly ball session

Friday night.

Bride and Groom

The little girls playing in the sand

"The Kids"

Brother and Sister

Mothers love

The bride and the sisters

Shiv & Indu


8:30 am : First beer of the day (handsome)

Shivys love for me

I've waited a long time to be apart of Kris's complete world and I must say that paitence has definitely paid off. We might not move as fast as others do, and we might do things completely out of the ordinary... but I wouldnt change us for anything in the world.

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