Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spontanious Sunday

There is nothing I love more then getting in the car and just driving with no destination. One of those "lets just drive, and end up where ever the road takes us" days. And theres no one else I love doing that with then Kim. Everyone says... You dont know what you have until you lose it, but when it comes to her, that saying doesnt apply to me. I know that in a matter of weeks Kim will be gone, and these spontanious trips will be nothing but a memory. I already know what I have, even before losing her. Words cant describe what this girl means to me... shes more then a best friend, shes the Ultimate, extreme best friend... a supportive, motivating, intelligent,beautiful, out of this world woman who most girls would die for to have as their rock in their world. Although she'll just be states away, it feels like shes moving light years away. I love you so much Kimberley. You are more then a best friend, you are my girlfriend, and you have added so much joy and love to my life. Thank you for all the fun memories that we have made together, and for all the ones to come...despite the miles that will be between us.
We took off today, and ended up in the city at Pier 39......
Before we took off.....
A "We are very open" sign at an Art Gallery next to where we parked

"Hit it Kim"

In the STINKY STINKY bathroom. yes we share the same stall.

The gorgeous green lawn we had lunch on over looking the Ghirardelli factory



Beauftiful Beautiful Kimi.

Only Kim.

So us.

Product of afternoon traffic.... Pier 9....

My Co-pilot not only in the car, but in life.
One thing is for sure, these next few weeks, I am so taking advantage of. I am going to steal all of her time. I love love love love love love love you Kim.

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