Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shoe High

I never buy shoes.... like never. I mean, I own shoes, but its never been a really big deal to me. Id say I buy about four pairs of shoes each year (this includes flip flops). When I tell other women this... I get this look that literally catorgizes me in the 'shouldnt couldnt be a woman' catagory. So in my defense, this is how I come to own shoes...
Im walking through Macy's casually gazing at the shoes while I make my way towards my car all the while knowing for a fact I wont purchase anything, until my eye catches a pair of shoes that has "pick me up and imagine me on your foot" written all over them. I pick them up, put them down, and then continue on to my car. In the days that follow this pair of shoes enters my mind here and there... until I just cant take it anymore and head back to Macy's to charge them on my credit card....much like these.......

I figure, hey... Im turning 21... and for a woman who considers spending thirty dollars at the most on a pair of heels as spluring, deserves to treat her self to some sexy hundred dollar (plus a little tiny bit more) pair of shoes once in awhile.
And for the price I paid for these suckers I am going to rock the hell out them.... until another pair just as great comes along.

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