Saturday, May 16, 2009


This time next week we will all be getting ready for the wedding. These past months I have learned so much about Kris's family and their traditions, which compared to the traditions of my family are, well... not even comparable. I have been exposed to a whole new culture, a whole new world and I am cherishing every single second of it.

Kris giving away his sister is a huge deal. Over the past year I have not only watched him take on so many responsibilities, I've witnessed the process of him letting go of his sister, which put him in a whole new light. He is always giving me new reasons to love him, new reasons to respect him.... and even more reasons for me to know how lucky I am to of snagged such an amazing person. One of the great things about him and one of the reasons that I fell in love with him is that when hes given a task, or a responsibility he will go above and beyond to full fill it, he will not rest unless everyone and everything is taken care of. That is an amazing quality, one that he has made me strive to portray in myself.

This week Kris will be swamped in wedding preparations and various ceremonies before the actual thing. This means I will go a week, or at least until Friday without seeing him. I cant even begin to explain how sad this makes me. yeah yeah... " So what its just a measly seven days". BUT STILL! We've done this plenty of times, and in fact gone way longer without each other.... I think its the fact that I know I wont see him that's the saddest part. But REST ASSURED I will be just fine, knowing that he is being the brother that every woman wishes she had, is enough to hold me through.
But damn will I miss him.

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