Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day

Mothers day is one of my personal favorite "hallmark" holidays, because I have got three women in my life who are phenomenal in their own ways.... and we all know how I love to love the things that I am truly blessed with. The day was nothing extravagant or over the top.. it was just simple, and fun, the weather was picture perfect, and best of all it was very very relaxing.
The morning started off with pink tulips and a balloon for Deni. In her card I told her that in my eyes she is nothing less then a mother to me, she listens to me bitch, she holds me when I cry.. and when I have good news shes one of the first people I want to share it with. The past two years shes been with my dad she has shown me that amazing, caring, funny, generous (soon to be) step moms really do exist. I couldn't ask for more of a stand up women to be my dads wife.

Deni's flowers

Then my brother and I headed to my Mom and Yia-Yias, with a car full of goodies.

Love love love love and TONS of kisses for the women who is responsible for who I am today.

My yia-yias FABULOUS BACKYARD. Tell me that doesn't look like its straight out of a magazine.
( Notice the chandelier with candles)

Yummy hot dogs and Marconi salad ( Made by yours truly)

Delicious drinks

And a Sunday ride... Alex got to drive his future first Car. 1967 Mercury Montego

He drove like hes been driving for decades.

But not with out some tips from cousin Sabin.

The best part of the day? Spending it with my mom. We've had a rough year to start with, in fact its been a rocky ten or more past years. But one thing was proven true this year that wasn't proven in any years before is that you never know what you have until you lose it, or in my case, almost lose it. Although my Mom has had her ups and downs and twists and turns.... Controversial or not, I wouldn't change anything. This woman, and her faults have taught me that life is not perfect, and that not everyone can have what others do. Maybe not directly but she taught me that sometimes there is nothing else one can do with the bad then turn into something good and stay positive. She has molded me into the women I have become and her choices although at times were not always the best ones have made me wise beyond my years. She often voices her resentment about her absence in our childhood and the fact that she cant undo the negative things that have happened.. and this allows me to use what she has taught me. The past is the past, the future is the future and the present is A true gift. I may not of had all one hundred percent of her when I was little, but I'm getting all one hundred percent of her now, and for that I know how fortunate I am. Better late then never.
Happy Mothers Day to all those who were blessed enough to be one.

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