Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sin City

Vegas, definitely lived up to its name. 72 hours awake with only two full hours of sleep.
Although the trip was short, we lived up every single minute. The hours we were there were spent in the following ways:

Gambling...which was short lived on my part, I lost seven dollars and decided that Id leave the gambling up to someone else who didn't value every single penny as I do.

Pina Coladas & Margaritas: Consumed in our bathing suits laying by the beautiful pool.

Laughter: There wasn't a moment that went by where we weren't giggling our heads off, making memories and inside jokes with every stupid thing that happened.

Conversations:.... and good ones at that. The conversations were endless which obviously lead to bonding. Walls were broken down, windows were opened.. new understandings were brought into light.... Conversations that will stay with me for the rest of my lifetime. Kris's sister Shim and I bonded the most, Since being brought into Kris's family I had only been with her with everyone else.. Vegas gave us the opportunity to be with one another alone and learn about each other without the hustle and bustle of friends and family. We've clicked since the beginning but now its just out of Control, we laughed, we cried ( YES CRIED!) and most important we let loose and got stupid together. She even asked me to be a bridesmaid in the upcoming wedding, which obviously made my heart GLEAM. I am so honored.

Vodka: Enough said. Hey.... its Vegas!

THE Wynn: Drinks at Wynn Bar..... mighty pricey... but mighty worth it. The hotel is a master piece in itself, the atmosphere is alive and energizing.

VooDoo Lounge: Of course we got in for free, because apparently the words "bachelorette party" + a Hot bachelorette is the golden ticket in Vegas. This club put a shame to all the clubs Ive ever been too... the view was breath taking, the DJ's played all the right songs, and it was spacious. The drinks came free because Men in Vegas have wallets from all over the world. *laugh*. But on a serious note it was the perfect last stop of the night before we left straight to the airport.

Exquisite Women: These women.....who are not only my girlfriends, but Kris's family. They are out of this world entertaining, funny, respectful, KRAZY, and full of LOVE... I'm not lucky that these women have fallen into my lap on account of my amazing boyfriend, I am blessed. Truly blessed... and I wouldn't of wanted to have any other woman pop my Vegas cherry other then them. *laugh*

Confession: They say a Trip to Vegas isn't complete without returning with regrets, and I have to confess I do have one, and only one regret... That I didn't take a purse that was big enough to hold my camera. :). The pictures are limited, but that's okay... memories are all I need.

The Voo Doo Lounge on top of the Rio Hotel
Tryst: The Wynn

The Wynn

Shim and I

Si, Shim and I... The Mirror in our hotel, doesn't it look like a picture frame?

Classic Bathroom Mirror Picture. Evelyn, Me, Si And Shim.

One Things for sure, Vegas brings out someone in everyone they never knew existed... I am looking forward to a Vegas trip with my BFF, Kris... and maybe even one day my family....

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