Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Fantastic Fathers Day for a Fantastic Father

Fathers Day! Another one of my favorite "Hallmark" holidays. Especially because my Dad, who by the way is totally amazing in every single aspect possible, deserves all the recognition that he can get. There is no lie what so ever in my saying that I without a doubt have the best Dad in the world. A man who plays Dad, Mom, Fiance',Coworker, Friend, Brother, and even Stranger so flawlessly. He's the kind of Dad that no matter what the situation, big, small, happy, sad, crazy... he will always be the same dependable loving stand up Dad. He never fails to cook Alex and I delicious dinners every single night, even after a hard day at work. He's always there to wipe away the tears when the world gets to heavy to handle. Living in a house with two women in their twenties, he knows exactly what to say and when to back off when PMS hits, and handles it so graciously. (I've heard that's a really rough time for most Dads). My Dad has the biggest heart in the world, it doesn't matter if its a hungry animal, or a person in need of a place to stay, he will open his arms wider then anyone else I know. In the last five years he has welcomed two of the most important people in my life, into our life as a family. Colette, he considers her his daughter, and she considers him her father. He has never treated Kris as anything less then family, and watching their relationship grow makes fortunate to have a Father who wants to be apart of every single part of his daughters life. I will forever and ever, no matter how old I get.... be my Dad's little girl.
NOW, to the fun stuff... Fathers Day was perfectly equivalent to the beautiful day outside. We started off the day with (of course) Cards and Gifts... I know I did a good job when he starts to cry while reading the card. I got him a professional Giants cap, and Alex got him a Polo carry on luggage. We then proceeded to head off to our annual Fathers Day Breakfast at the famous waffle house in Alameda, Ole's. The food was delectable!

Dad & Deni

The first fathers day that Alex is taller then Dad!

Yes the food is so great that we had to wait in the long line outside.

After breakfast we drove to Lodi Lake for a Fathers Day BBQ with Deni's side of the family, the weather was perfect, the lake was shining, the company was fun, it was all so memorable. The best part? Watching my Dad fully and completely enjoy himself.

Soon to be Bride & Groom!

We kayaked for about an hour, my Dad of course spotted every animal in a ten mile radius.

The best part of a BBQ. Food.

Monday Night, we celebrated Fathers Day with Colette and Kris, who were unable to do so on Sunday. Kris bought Dad a nice bottle of vodka and all the ingredients for my one of my Dads favorites, Martinis! We made a toast, and then I made dinner. All by myself might I add.

Doing what boys do while dinners cooking....

Handsome man of the hour

Shrimp Scampi
Shrimp Scampi over pesto angel hair pasta with sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes.
You know its a hit when there is no left overs.
And the festivities ended with German Chocolate Cake........until next year.
I love you Dad.

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