Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gone to Soon

My heart is breaking just having to write this post. God has chosen two beautiful angels to be in his kingdom, and we are missing them to the point where life feels like a blurred dream.
AngieMousi, You always new the right things to say, in every situation. We bonded throughout mine and Kris's relationship, you were even the first mousi that he introduced me to as his girlfriend. You were so loving, so inviting, so rich with character.We have had so many conversations about life, and what it means to us, and I know that your girls and family were your entire world. I am thankful that you and Indu embarked on this journey together, and not alone. This world will be a different place with out you, this family, this universe will never be the same. Thank you for your efforts in trying to help me learn hindi, and all your little charts, and family trees.. I will keep this forever, and will use these when I teach my children the same things. Thank you for always making me feel like I was apart of your family, and not just a girlfriend. For your reassuring words, your loving hugs, and how much of a impact you had on me falling in love with Kris's family. I am going to miss you so much, its unbelieveable to even think about you not being here anymore. I know that you and Kris had a unique and special bond, and I promise you that I will forever take care of him. I love you.
Indu baby.... You were so shy at first, you wouldnt even look at me. And then when we were in Santa Cruz on the beach, you let me play with you in the sand, and I think you really opened up and wanted to be my friend. At Shims wedding, we sat together during the haldi fight and we protected eachother so that we didnt have to get all that yellow stuff on us. The one time we sat together in Mums living room and you and I sang christmas songs together just because you thought it was hillarious, that day you kept telling everyone they had blue on their face. Silly girl. You loved to sneak up behind me and pull my shirt, because you know I would chase you and you loved that... your giggle was infectious and I can still hear it. There is no doubt in my mind that you and your Mommy are now beaufitul angels, angels that will watch over your family for the rest of our time here on earth. I will miss you and your darling face so much.
I cant wait until we meet again.
I love you both.

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