Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Perspective.

The first thing that we all think of when we loose someone close to us is what were the last things that I said to that person? Did I hug them? Did I tell them that I love them? The last thing that I said to Angie Mousi was, "Give me a hug and a kiss because I probably wont see you." Of course, I was thinking the next time I would see her would be the next time the whole family got together and I wasnt sure when that would be. I didnt tell her I loved her, but now I wish I had added in a quick "love ya!".
This is where I have gained a new perspective. I've always said to treat others as if you'd never see them again, but I never really put it into practice as I should have. Its like trying to pick up a new habit, and stick with it. Its hard, but worth all of the effort. I challenge everyone from today on out, to let every single person in your life know how you feel about them, from your lover, to your parents, to your co workers. Life is too short to get angry at little things, to hold grudges, or to even go to bed upset. Everytime you part ways with someone, keep in mind that this could be the last time that you see them. This is a challenge that I am giving myself, and I hope that it is something that will change my life, and hopefully change the lives of people around me.

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