Sunday, July 5, 2009

The good with the bad

The viewing and funeral which took place on friday and saturday was as expected, extremely hard to get through, heartbreaking, and a packed house. Over five hundred visitors showed up to pay their respects, which of couse was not suprising because the love these two exerted touched everyone they met. Angie and Indu lay in a casket together, holding onto eachother, just as they always were here on earth, and how they are now in heaven. They looked peaceful, and beyond beautiful.
In their culture, they have thirteen days of mourning. All thirteen days are spent with family and friends inluding prayers every night ending with singing and a meatless meal. No meat or Alcohol are consumed during these thirteen days. The brothers of the family, Angie's nephews and Indu's cousins will not shave until the eleventh day, and then they will proceed to shave all of their hair as a symbol of mourning for both Angie and Indu.
As with any event in Kris's family, I am learning new things every day. I wish with all of my heart that this event did not lead to my new understandings, but I am comforted with the fact that I know Angie Mousi is with me, and helping me with taking in all of my new surroundings, if this were a different case and she were here, she would be the first person I would go to ask questions. I am lucky that the rest of Kris's family has taken this task on, and once again have treated me like nothing but family during this hard time.
One thing that I know is that when there is the bad, no matter how bad it is, good always comes along with it, even if it takes a long period of time to recognize. In the following days I will be trying my hardest to seek the good in this tragedy, because I know that thats what Angie mousi would want for all of us, thats just the kind of women she was. She saw things for what they were, and although this is a very hard thing to comprehend, I take comfort in knowing that both of them will always be alive in our hearts.

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