Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Delectable & Delicious!

The best thing about reading back on old posts is seeing where you have come from the last post that you wrote. I was having a bad day, but things quickly turned around and for that I am grateful.

Tonight's post will be dedicated to an amazing little recipe that I just love. This is cheap, simple, and yet so delicious and filling. Anyone from adults to toddlers will just love this!

Mini Pizza's Using English Muffins

Cost: If Shopping at Safeway under $10.00

Prep Time: Less then 7 Minutes

Cooking time: 5 Minutes (Depending on how amazing your oven is)
NOTE: SET OVEN TO 400 degrees

Will Feed: As many as you'd like, although when I was baking, I was all by my lonesome and just cooked one English muffin, making two mini pizzas
What You will need:

English Muffins (Wheat muffins if you prefer taste just as great!)
(2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese)
I love Prego not only because it really is 100% natural but because these mini pizzas are just too mini to fit mushrooms, and I cant have pizza with out mushrooms... so I improvised. Thank you PregO!

Mini Pepperoni by Hormel, 50 slices for less then $3.00. (You'll have plenty left for when they start asking for more!)
Sliced black olives

Take Muffins and split into half, Spread Tomato paste with spoon

Add Mozzarella Cheese .....

Followed by the pepperoni.....

Followed by the olives...
Set uncooked mini pizzas on a LIGHTLY greased cookie tray....

Set in oven for 5 minutes... or like stated above it depends on how great your oven is... ours is old and not so great, so I just kept a close eye onto it until I saw that all the cheese was melted....
and last but not least... enjoy! I added chili pepper flakes after I was done because I love everything that I eat spicy... Although next time I make these, which will be tomorrow night for the best boys in my life ( Dad, Alex, Kris).. I will definitely have ranch sauce for a dip.
(there are dip people, and then there are people who just don't prefer it.... I am a HUGFE Fan of Dip, so I highly recommend ranch dressing)

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