Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas-affying 09`

This year we Christmas-afied the living room all together, and quite frankly I really enjoyed it, I think we all did. We laughed, talked about old holiday memories, and laughed some more. Not to mention we did a damn good job at decorating. The Christmas spirit is with out question written all over the walls of our home, and I'm love love loving every minute of the warmth of it all.
Here's how it went down....
Dad & Alex did the job of putting the lights on our tree
(that Alex made clear the entire night "should of been taller")
I think its just right.

Then we all went to work hanging ornimants...
my favorite part, with every one comes a memory Alex getting in on the action....actin a silly fool as always
and me?.....I hung some, took pictures, hung some, took pictures... etc etc..
Our "Picture of Sitting on Santa's Lap" Ribbon time line, Im really glad that my Mom & Dad started that for us, of course it ended a few years back (like ten years ago) but its still so neat and not to mention hillarious to look back on how we graduated from screaming bloddy murder, to almost hitting puberty.

This is one of my favorite.... every year Alex makes sure this is the front and center focus of our tree, I dont argue though I think it belongs there.... sooooo precious!
About forty five minutes later...... it was a finished product.

Gotta love the self timer on my Nikon. Family Photo, proud of work.

Theres just something about how all of the Christmas decorations come together that really makes home feel like home, did I mention that Im loving that?

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