Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Christmas Story

And so the Family Christmas story commences in pictures....
(note: Its light weight ridiculous how many pictures there are, so brace yourself)
Christmas Dinner ( A week early) at Auntie Nancy and Uncle Fred's of course turned out to be nothing short of a wonderful beautiful night.... starting with the decorations. I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart would be very proud of her.

We relaxed......
I made it my personal goal of the night to have Tyler remember my name.. and boy did he.. maybe it had something to do with my tickling him every time he said it hmm...?.
"Whats my name?" "
It'll do until he learns how to pronounce his R's. So sweet.
Tyler & as he calls her Lutty (Lucy)
We hung out in the backyard....... (Kris fell into the roll of bartender)

Veronica & Alex.
(the first time he has brought a girl home to meet the family, he couldn't of chose a sweeter girl, and Im not just saying that because she has my name.)

Then we feasted.......

And like always....... it was hard to distinguish if we were eating in a garage or a hotel banquet room.

Then these two..... oh boy these two... gave us quite the laugh or shall I say laughs..... the entire night
Bruce decided to speak every word of his, as well as ours into a baby bottle.... it was hilarious, hence the Nick and Kris laughing in the background.
These moments brought to us by: Wine, Vodka, Beer & Ooozo.

How he got Aunt Barb to actually play along was the best part of all.

White elephant gifts....

Over all it was another memorable family Christmas...... full of precious moments..
Very precious moments.
(Note note: My computer decided to be difficult and take a winter holiday, in other words its got a virus and wont be fixed until Kim's Dad is available. In result, I wasn't able to upload my pictures on it and photo shop them to my liking, so excuse the raw footage.)

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