Saturday, December 26, 2009

Problem more then solved.& gifts.

Kris has always been a great gift giver.... there hasn't been not one present that he has gotten me that I didn't absolutely adore, and of course give me reason to question his flawless skill of picking presents. I mean come on, no one is that good at choosing the right gift.

This Christmas was no exception.... Here is how it went...

Christmas Eve day, I come home early from because of a terrible case of feeling like crap. I complained to Deni and Dad all the way up to my room and onto my bed... as I commenced with my own "whyyy meeee" pitty party something stopped me mid way and this is what it was............

That's Right... The mother of all Jewelry Boxes... no the fairy god mother of all Jewelry the queen... the big mama... the boss... the most beautiful, dark cherry wood Jewelry Ar moire I had ever laid eyes on.

The Card inside read:

Babe, I plan on making this piece of furniture an antique

and I know you know what I'm talking about!

Merry Christmas Baby, I love you.

After the shock wore off, It took me less then a minute to transfer all my jewelry from this ... to this...

Of course I screamed, I cried, I jumped for joy. Kris said that " I killed the whole thing" because apparently I wasn't supposed to be home until later (damn you case of feeling like crap!). Although he missed my reaction to the this beautiful new piece of furniture, he made sure that I didn't miss the reaction to the diamond earrings he got me.... as if the five foot piece of gloriousness wasn't enough.

I told him that he really set him self up this time, because this is going to be hard to beat.

A few honest side notes:

1. Im not a fan of bragging and or braggers... but I just had to share. so dont judge me *tail between the legs*

2. Kimberley Bold, my bestest friend in the whole entire world ended up giving me a beautiful Jewelry box from Red Envelope. ( picture to come) Although it isn't as big as this one, its nothing less then amazing. Seriously I was in awe when I opened it. I plan on using it for all of my pretty hair pins and earrings that wont fit in the ar moire ,and making it an antique as well.
3. I'm pretty sure that when I'm out shopping now, instead of thinking "ooh this will look good on me" ill be thinking "Ohh this will look good in my ar moire".

I mean a girl can never have too much Jewelry right?

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