Wednesday, December 9, 2009

let it snow let it snow let it snow

Yikes. I haven't posted in awhile. I admit, I am a victim of the holidays....moving forward.
Kris & I joined his family in Tahoe for their annual trip to the snowy village. We unfortunately had to work on Saturday so we packed up the car and made it there in less then four hours. As always I believe pictures speak a million words, so let the story begin...

The moment we arrived we were welcomed to an adult beverage (much needed after begging Kris to "SLOW DOWN" the entire way up... no need to worry he was going the speed limit I was just a wuss.)

Amazing, warm delicious mouth watering food.

We spent the beginning of the night, enjoying each others company, sipping our drinks, and enjoying the food. (and warmth)

Family V & Nick. (I love this picture)

This was also a favorite of mine, candid yet they are all making funny faces. Right after this picture the adults headed to Harrahs to gamble ( minus myself, gambling just isn't my thing) Nick and I wondered around the huge casino & danced our tails off, despite being the only ones on the dance floor.
Sunday morning we woke to this: The most beautiful crisp morning
(Note: Gray clouds starting to form above the mountain)

We werent worried..... so on with the day we went... because it was so cold, we opted for driving around and enjoying the snow from inside the warmers and heater, yes please.

I drove...( the note on the picture says: NOTE: The Dolce & Gabanna Sunglasses that Kris got me. I am completely obsessed with them also with the fact that Kris knows my taste .)

then this happened...... ( the last ray of sunlight we would see all day)

& then it started to snow.... (plus this sign entertained me)

Which was Kris's Que to drive.

Lake Tahoe looked more like the Atlantic Ocean then a lake.

The somewhat nice enjoyable weather soon turned into this: CHAIN CONTROL. This is about the point I started to become uneasy. Alright, its just chains and a little bit of snow, how bad can this be?
Apparently snow storms welcome themselves faster then I could think another thought.
This is going to be bad.

My freezing Car...
The guys putting on the chains, an event that took us more then an hour and half to complete. If we weren't driving in a group, I I'm SURE that I would of had a premature heart attack. Its comforting to know that Kris & I were in this together, yet with his family as well.

In less then an hour it was hard to see more then thirty feet in front of us.....
Kris all bundled up from fixing our chains.... This day really made me appreciate having strong manly men in my life. Not that I'm saying I couldn't put chains on cause pshh... that's easy peasy. I mean so that I can stay warm and snuggly in the car.Crazy Kyle in shorts who underestimated the "storm" that we were intended to beat.

As we started on 1-50 the drive wasn't so bad, actually it was quite breathtaking & seeing that I got to enjoy the passenger seat, it was a perfect opportunity to capture the beauty.

But such serene landscape soon turned into.....

This....... which was the most terrifying thing that I had ever experienced.. I thought I had conquered that after my first ride on drop zone at great america... but no, compared to this, drop zone is a walk in the park. We drove 20 miles per hour the entire 1-50.

We encountered more then six accidents and pulled over at least twice to see if people who had lost control of their cars needed any help. It didn't help that we also witnessed Kris's cousin in front of us loose control and hit the snow embankment thatTHANK GOD was there. That's when I really lost it... I gripped the living leather out of my seats, praying to God that we would all make it out safe. Kris was such a great driver, and more then patient. In fact, now that I think back to it I really owe him something special, I knew that more then a few times he just wanted me to pipe down so that he could concentrate but I just couldn't help it. "GO SLOW BABE, WATCH OUT BABE, BE CAREFUL, OHMYGAWSHHH"
He really is great.
We rode all the way out of placer ville with our chains off, until the storm finally died off and we were just left with rain, never in my life was I was so happy to see wet roads instead of snowy ones! The trip was full filling and memorable, but the last part of it... ehh I could of done without. Next year though, we will most definitely check the weather
reports before we head out.

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