Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lifes Lessons

Lets talk honestly. Life has gotten all in my face and challenged me with its full potential as well as my own in the passed three weeks. It’s got me thinking asking tons of questions and taking down names. When making life-changing decisions what are the key questions you ask your self? Here are mine:

1. Will this make me a better person?

2. Will this enable me to grow resume wise, while at the same time allowing me to grow personally?

3. Will this make my bank account larger ?

(I’m human, so sue me... I want nice shoes and kitchen appliances!)

4. Will this lead me to bigger and better things in the next four to five years?

Honest to God, I have thought more about my future in the last 48 hours then I ever have in my entire adult life. See here, this is the problem.....I get my self involved and committed to a community/company that is flourishing in this economy. I prove to them (for the past five years) that I am a loyal employee, that I will not only show up when they tell me to but that I will fall in love with their residents and employees. Doesn’t seem like a problem just yet... right? Well I'll tell you now what the problem is.... Our company is growing, which means they want their loyal employees to further venture out into these new and upcoming facilities and or/ other facilities that they trust. which means for me two problems...

1. Leaving the residents who've I've come to love.

2. Leaving my coworkers/environment that I've come to love.

But one UNTOUCHABLE possibility.....

....that I get an incredible opportunity to better myself and my resume by becoming a manager even before getting my AA.

Moments like this in life really have me questioning what’s next to come. One minute I’m organizing my closet and planning for a trip to Canada and the next I have a life changing decision in front of me, I mean come on Life... cant you be a little bit more convenient? These are the kinds of things that I really want to get myself pumped up about... things that happen on a whim, things that make all the little shit problems in your life go away. things that CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I will be completely honest, this scares the living daylights out of me... "What if...?" is a deadly weapon isn’t it?

Im always trying to better myself…. my views…. the people around me… my faith. This is just one more thing that I will add to my list why not take it on right?. I can and I will conquer this.

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