Monday, January 25, 2010

The Next Step

Kris and I are always thinking about what’s ahead of us, something that I am really proud of when it comes to our relationship. I've always felt that that is one of the strongest foundations of a solid relationship, knowing what to expect next always staying on the same page. We already have a joint bank account, separate from our personal ones of course.. one that we add money too when we are able. Why not start saving now right? We have a shared cell phone plan with AT&T, and we also have a home depot credit card together..... because he's going to build me a house someday of course.

For a couple who prides themselves when it comes to the slow but steady pace of our relationship, those are HUGE steps. With all these things already in order they really have us talking about what’s next....So we discussed the next BIG step of our relationship here’s how it went.....

Kris: Lets do it... Its a big step, but I think were ready for it.

Me: Do you really think were ready for that?

Kris: Absolutely.

Me: Me too.

So.... let me officially announce that we are FINALLY going to do it...

Me either.

:) This Monster of beutifullness will be mounted on my wall for both of us to enjoy. Why my wall?

A. The TV I own now is old and little

B. We spend more time at my house then either of his.

C. Kris hates my current TV and its location. Apparently my TV is to blame for his constant neck problems. So this obviously leaves us with no choice!

This TV will also follow us to our first home together. But we'll get to that later, I mean talk about a GIGANTIC step right?

This is where we are planning on putting it:

When is this all going down you asked? Well on Valentines day of course. What says I love you better then a shoot em up bang bang movie playing on a 42" plasma tv?

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