Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WEED (S)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh holy that is all holy. Weeds season five is officially on my netflix queue for delivery tomorrow and I just want to let the whole world know that I will be taking a sabatical. It will be envolving my tv, I and Nancy Botwins fun exillerating exciting life.This occasion has me thinking a lot about the kind of woman/wife/mother that I want to be... and the personal inspiriations that have thanks to all of these prime time ladies.

Weeds:Nancy Botwin:
"Nancy Botwin: I'm the suburban baroness of bud, Nancy"
Besides the illegal shindig, she has all the spunk & Wit that I admire. It works, like it or leave it

Roseanne:Roseanne Conner:
D.J.--"Moom, Darlene called me a prevert."
Roseanne--"You're not a prevert honey, you're a pervert".
THE HILLARIOTY! OH how funny this woman was/is. She was the supreme moms of all moms in the late 80's/early 90's. OH The countless late nights that her witty humor has occupied my bedroom. I admire her tactful sarcastic and loving motherly ways not to mention her no room for bullshit tolerance.

King of Queens: Carrie Herrnane:
Carrie: Who was that?
Doug: It's Ray Barone. He wants to know if his mother can drop him off here.
Carrie: For what, a play date?
A wife in all aspects plus a pinch of humor and sarcasm, not to mention a woman who will make the best of the situation that she has bonded her life to. A woman who loves her husband whole heartily, while still being the HBIC. If you don’t know what that means ask Mr. Google.

Home Improvement: Jill Taylor
Tim Taylor: "How am I supposed to talk to a woman about what's going on in man land? "
Jill Taylor: "Man Land?" Now you've got a theme park between your legs? "
A woman who lives in a house with four guys, need I say more? Never the less, raised three of the four boys... ok ok, yeah yeah I know its just a show.. but the writers are so dead on! Her character is so dead on. A wife and mother who does not take no for answer, doesn’t let the petty things get to her and sure as hell can cook a mean meal... enough to satisfy a house full of testosterone.

Desperate Housewives: Gabby Solis (on becoming a housewife)
Gabrielle: Well, since, I’m gonna have to be doing the cooking, and the cleaning, and all the shopping, like the other wives...
Carlos Solis: Mmmm hmmm
Gabrielle: I’m going to be exhausted at night, just like all the other wives, til I build up my stamina, of course, but that might take a couple of years.
Although im not too fond of the "poor me its going to take a couple of years to learn how to keep a house and family" aspect... she is SMOKING HOT and wants to look AMAZING and DELECTIABLE for her husband. What’s not to love about that aspect?!

This post makes me look like a TV junkie doesn't it?....Well guess what! *wait for it*...... I DONT CARE because these woman, these fictional characters that writers have dreamed up and brought to life were stemmed from real true honest to god women and for that I do not feel ashamed.  I will be/am a great woman.... wife.. mother because of these fictional characters who have formed an forgettable bond onto my mind, and everyone knows that those types of bonds go millions of miles.

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