Monday, February 1, 2010

Make your own blog button!

I finally did it! I have mastered the art of which we all know as Blog de`Button. (not really but you get me)
It only took me forever about an hour, and of course the button that I made is just a rough draft, but I still love it and dont mind if I take a minute to *pats myself on the back*

The intructions that I had were very difficult and I thought could be a lot more easier... so since Im making new friends in the blog world, Im going to go ahead and make my own instructions for you to follow...  although these are the exact steps that I followed... so hopefully you can follow along

Step one....
Make a image that you want to use as your button... I used Paint and made the image the size of an acutal button.
Save the image to your hard drive.

Step two...
Upload this photo to your blog post. 
Publish the blog post

Step three:
Go to the actual posting and right click the image and go to properties
Copy the "Address or URL"

Step Four:
Open Word or any other blank template that you can use just to build your official URL.
Insert the HTML that is found half way down this websites page under "How to Make Em and then" step four: (this is the tutorial I used, although I think it could of all been explained a lot easier, for those who dont need all the complicated crap.)

The first URL you delete and replace with your blog site

The second URL is the url from step three (the property URL from your actual photo)

I found it works easier when you DELETE:      title="Mouseover Words"

After you have compelted this process.... You shall have a blog button! WAAA LAAA!

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  1. Thank you!!!! I just marked this post on my favs! I am your newest follower from 2osb

  2. Thanks for the breakdown! Will have to do this after work tonight :) - it's so much easier than following wordy instructions.

  3. This just helped me over a year later! thanks!