Wednesday, February 10, 2010

V's 2010 Wish List Part II

Isn't it Gwageous?! Black Berry Curve 8520, the one I have now is the 8900 (boring).  On a whole other note, I still don't get the concept of naming phones by long numbers, like their the nieces and nephews of BMW's or something.  Why not just give it a name and ONE number??

Matine Toile Duvet Cover in Espresso.  The theme that I'm going for is dark browns, black and white, and some dark blue.  It sounds kind of "iffy" but really they all go so well together.  It's like Pottery Barn made this bed spread with my intentions in mind. mmm comfy.

And of course another thing from Victoria Secret.  A brilliant idea, mix two of Veronicas favorite things together and you get this.  A built in bra racer back tank. Its ridiculous, wearing a racer back bra and having to either wear bra straps (not cute) or a very uncomfortable strapless bra that you spend majority of the time pulling up.  I HAVE TO HAVE THIS! And I will.
Acacia Bed Tray by Bed Bath & Beyond.  You would think that these little babies would be really easy to find in the bay area. Well GUESS AGAIN! (unless im completely blind).  Whatever, online shopping is a lot easier any way right? Kris and I need these.  Saying that really makes us seem like our whole realtionship is based on hanging out in bed (withourbignewsexyTV).  But I promise you we do get out. But you try eating won ton soup on a pillow.... its a difficult process.

And last but not least.......

Anyone know where I can score one of these?

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  1. That racer back tank is super cute.

    Maybe I'll have to look into those.

    I have a couple of the key back bra tops from them, and not only does the back look cool, but you don't overheat when you work out..I think that they discontinued it though..