Tuesday, February 9, 2010

V's 2010 Wish List Part I

I don't consider myself a shopper at all.  I'm the type of shopper who only goes to the mall when I know exactly what I'm looking for....enough with that 'lets go to the mall and sip on starbucks until I run into what I need mumbo jumbo'.  My game plan on getting what I want is fairly simple:
1. Have an idea of exactly what I want/need
2. Shop around ie: internet, newspapers, word of mouth
3. Exicute. Get it and be done.

Here are the top things that I really have my eyes set on for this year.

Some killer boots, the first are Steve Madden original flat boots.  The second are both by UGG, and have "Wear me im comfortable" written all over them

Coach Peyton Canvas Op Carryall & MICHAEL Michael Kors Handbag, McLane Hobo.
Let me buy you and carry all of my stuff, you sexy accessories.

Either of these three swimsuits by Victoria Secret will work for me.
A. Because I plan on spending my summer frolicing on the beach, and letting my hair go all sexy and wild, looking around for my make up artist... TOUCH ME UP IT'S HOT!
B. Victoria Secret is one of the only companys that makes bathing suits for women who are top heavy, yet at the same time make you look magazine ready.
C. Because they are Hawt. Duh.

Part two to come soon....


  1. I have a pair of boots like the middle ones. Love the rest of them! And those swimsuits are gorgeous!

  2. Um, so we totally need to go shopping together because I DO THE SAME THING! If I go to the mall, 90% of the time I have something specific that I want. Maybe once or twice a year I'll go and browse but I swear I'm like a guy when I shop. I find what I like, buy it, and I'm done. I'm not going to search around for 30 more minutes to find something "better."

    And I really want some boots, mainly the first pair. So cute!