Thursday, March 11, 2010

Currently Obsessed...

I'm currently obsessed two pieces from my FAVORITE jewelry store in
San Francisco visit their website here.  So Good jewelry is based out of hawaii, but they have the most majestic pieces of jewelry, and the best part... its all afforadable.

White strap studd bracelet: $19.99
Large diamond studd earings: $9.00

And last but not least my Tan Tote from Coach!.....

hahaha, Just kiding! TARGET.. where else?
It's the perfect size and the color goes with everything, best part... I dont have to dig deep to find what I need. There's nothing worse then a deep purse. But this one... this one is just lovely.


  1. Thank God, my girlfriend didn't visit this blog before me, else I would have been in some trouble; trying to get this for her! :P

  2. I really like that bag. Target has some cute stuff.

  3. I might have to hit up Target for the tote! But I am kind of obsessed with your leopard-print chair!